550 paracord - Blue


Image of 550 paracord - Blue

The Thin Blue Line is a colloquial term for police forces. The blue refers to the typical blue of the police uniform, and refers to the police forces in general. It may refer to the police as a "line" standing between good and evil (citizens and perpetrators).

Children & Women (smaller sizes) work best with the 3/8" while Men sizes work best with a 1/2" side release buckle.

All of our Survival Bracelets are made of military spec type III 550 paracord. This same paracord is used in our military for their parachutes. All paracord is made in the USA.

In an emergency you can unravel your bracelet and deploy the paracord and use as needed.

To figure out your size, use the procedure below.

1: Take a tape measure or string and wrap it around your wrist until the two ends meet. Note that this doesn't need to be "cut off circulation" tight. Just a comfortable /true measure of your wrist size.
2: Mark this exact length and measure with a ruler.
3: Round down to the nearest 1/2".


Image of 550 paracord - Blue